The Bitso coupons are codes that are generated or redeemed within the Bitso platform to deposit or withdraw funds from it. 

This coupon method serves two purposes:

Transferring funds to another Bitso user, which requires generating a coupon and transferring it to another person so that the latter may redeem it.

Withdrawing funds from your Bitso account to keep them offline. You may redeem this code yourself whenever you choose to do so.

Information to keep in mind:

If you lose your coupon, such may not be recovered.

They are valid only and exclusively within Bitso.

Save it very carefully, given that if someone else has access to your coupon it may redeem it on its own account.

You can generate a coupon on paper that can be sent to your address for an extra cost.

Currently the coupons may only be generated for Mexican Pesos.

How to redeem a coupon on Bitso?