¿What are the Bitso coupons?

Withdraw funds in pesos MXN by means of coupon

To withdraw funds in MXN, you need to go to the “Wallet” section, make sure that you are positioned in the MXN section. 


Click on the "Withdraw" (Retirar) icon. Subsequently, you will be able to see your options to withdraw Mexican Pesos MXN from your Bitso account; click on the “Redeem Coupon” option.


In the displayed page enter the amount of the coupon that you intend to create, select if you want it digital or printed (printed coupons are sent to your address for an extra cost) and your transaction NIP. 


¡Done! Your coupon has been generated and may be redeemed immediately, by yourself or by someone else (if you send it to such person) within the Blitso platform.


¿What is my transaction NIP?